Winter Garage Door Tune-up in MNWhile many homeowners don’t immediately put the need to winterize their garage on their fall to-do list, it’s actually quite important. Ensuring that you have a well-working garage now can prevent costly and time-consuming emergencies throughout the Minnesota winter months. If you are looking for a winter garage door tune-up in Minnesota, consider our experts here at Rise & Shine Garage Doors.

Have you ever been locked inside or even outside of your garage? Perhaps it was an old spring that came loose or a worn-out roller that just won’t go. As winter approaches and the temperatures begin to cool down, homeowners should start thinking about winter maintenance on their garage doors. We encourage our customers to do a winter garage door tune-up every year so that we can catch any potential issues or a breakdown before a costly expense. Have you ever been trapped in your garage with no way to get your car out? Our technicians work to prevent that nuisance for good with our winter garage door tune-up service.

Winter Garage Door Tune-up Checklist

When you choose our skilled technicians for your winter garage door tune-up, you are choosing the best partner around. We never miss an inch during inspection and will thoroughly inspect all areas for any potential issues. When inspecting your garage, we look for the following:

● Rust on any of the garage parts.
● Loose bolts or nuts we need to tighten or replace.
● Check alignment for the track and make adjustments if needed.
● Ensure that the roller ball bearings, end bearings and center bearings are all working properly.
● Check the spring balance and adjust any torsion spring tension.
● Check the safety sensors and verify any garage door opener limits
● Areas to lubricate (rollers, pulleys, and the entire drive system).
● Make adjustments to any electric door openers as needed.
● Tighten the chain or belt and adjust as needed.
● Examine batteries for keypad and remotes.
● Inspect the garage door bottom seal and weather stripping.
● Perform an opener safety test to ensure all parts are working properly.

For a smoother, safer and well running garage door, there is no better time than now to get your Minnesota home’s garage door tuned up. For more information about our winter garage door tune-up services, contact your local professionals today. Call Rise & Shine Garage Doors today at 612-886-9606 and schedule your appointment.