Garage Door Repair Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN


It’s easy to start to freak out a bit when your garage door won’t open because a roller is busted or you have a broken garage door track. In any case, you either have a big meeting at work coming up shortly, or you have already missed a few days due to vacation and can’t afford to miss more. These are undoubtedly stressful times, but rather than freaking out, contact Rise & Shine Garage Doors for comprehensive garage door repair services in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

We value your time, residence, and bank account. Our garage door service technicians will arrive as soon as possible whenever you require any overhead door repair service. If you make an appointment, we won’t keep you waiting all morning or all afternoon to get your residential garage door back in good working order. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul-based residential garage door repair and commercial repair specialists will arrive within the timeframe you are promised — not hours after the fact. We feel you deserve that respect at Rise & Shine Garage Doors and strive to deliver it with every appointment.

Know Where to Turn for Quick and Reliable Garage Door Repair

Whether you have a brand new garage door or one that has stood the test of time, you need a garage door company to handle the job. Our trusted garage door repair company services every brand of garage door and garage door opener. We will be available for you whether you need assistance with an overhead garage door or a wooden garage door, whether you are in Rochester, Owatonna, Faribault, Red Wing, or Twin Cities, MN.

Garage Door Panel Repair From the Experts

One of the last things homeowners want to deal with is damage to their new garage door. Due to their frequent exposure to harsh weather, UV rays, and bumps from objects and automobiles, garage doors frequently get dents, scratches, and other types of damage. Thankfully, you won’t have to put up with a damaged garage door for too long. When you engage our specialists for garage door panel repairs, we’ll fix the problem as quickly as possible. You would think you had a brand-new garage door once we flawlessly repaired or replaced the panel.

Our garage door repair experts work tirelessly to identify the underlying causes of your garage door woes and get to work immediately, making the necessary repairs. Our garage door services have helped countless residential customers ensure their property gives the best first impression possible, and you don’t have to worry about what the neighbors say about your residential garage doors.

Garage Door Roller Repair for Minneapolis & St. Paul Homes

Have you noticed your garage door making loud and unusual noises when moving? Sometimes, the problem can be directly tied to your garage door rollers. If there’s an issue with your rollers, it’s time to get a trusted garage door repair service to take a closer look.

Your rollers are in charge of maintaining the garage door’s position within the tracks. You might notice the garage door system is noisier than usual or that the garage door won’t open or close properly if there is a problem with the rollers. You should never put off garage door roller repair even for a second since faulty garage door rollers can rapidly turn into a safety threat. Contact us for garage door repair services in Minneapolis & St. Paul so we can take care of your roller problems before someone is hurt.

Garage Door Won’t Open? Here’s Why!

Have you worked with other garage door companies and found their answers to why your garage door won’t open unsatisfactory? We’re here to answer your most burning questions about why your garage door system simply won’t open! The most frequent problem with garage doors is often this one. It’s possible that your garage door isn’t opening or closing because of the following symptoms:

  • You have a broken garage door track
  • The cables are worn out or broken.
  • The garage door opener isn’t working properly.
  • You are dealing with broken garage door springs.
  • Your garage door opener is faulty.

If other garage door companies have burned you in the past, it’s time to call in the top garage door services company in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN — Rise & Shine Garage Doors. You can rely on our overhead garage door repair service to provide prompt service whether you need a garage door cable replacement or garage door spring repair. When your garage door doesn’t open, give us a call for fast garage door repairs that leave your door operating like the day you first had it installed!

Why Choose Us for Fast Garage Door Repairs?

The best in Minnesota is said to be our business, and we received this honor by providing commercial and residential garage door repair services in Minneapolis & St. Paul for many years. We understand how to quickly and correctly fix garage doors. Whether your garage door is off track or your cables need to be replaced, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver first-rate service. A damaged garage door is not something you should ignore, and you want the best of the best on the job regarding repairs, so choose us for any garage door issues plaguing your home or business!

Learn More About Our Garage Door Repair Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul

We recognize that you want your garage door to look amazing in addition to functioning well. After all, the door dramatically affects your home’s overall value and exterior attractiveness. Additionally, it serves as an additional layer of defense between your family and any potential outside threats. Our repair specialists can be there in a matter of minutes if your garage door won’t close, your garage door is off track, or your door is dealing with other problems.

For high-quality garage door repair services in Minneapolis & St. Paul, get in contact with Rise & Shine Garage Doors. If you want a full garage door replacement, we can assist you in choosing the ideal design from our selection of brand-new garage doors. If you are in Rochester, Owatonna, Faribault, Red Wing, or Twin Cities, MN, give us a call today!

The Most Common Questions — Answered

Q: When is it time to call in a garage door repair service?

A: If your garage door isn’t operating as smoothly as it should be, it’s a good idea to call a professional garage door service. Signs you need repairs include the door not opening or closing fully, making unusual noises, or moving unevenly. Regular maintenance from reputable garage door repair companies like ours can prevent many common issues.

Q: Can I fix a broken garage door spring on my own?

A: It’s strongly advised not to attempt fixing a broken garage door spring on your own. These springs are under high tension and can cause serious injury if mishandled. Instead, contact a professional garage door service with the proper training and tools to replace garage door springs safely.

Q: How can I tell my garage door opener isn’t working?

A: There are several signs that your garage door opener might be malfunctioning. These include the door not responding to remote commands, the door opening or closing only partially, or the motor continuing to run after operation. If you notice any of these issues with your garage door openers, reach out to us for a professional evaluation.

Q: What type of residential garage doors do you service?

A: We service all types of residential garage doors, including sectional doors, roll-up doors, slide-to-the-side doors, side-hinged doors, and tilt-up/over canopy doors. No matter your door style, our team can provide expert service and repairs.