Garage Door Maintenance in Minneapolis & St. Paul Made Easy With a Rooster Club Membership


Keeping your home looking its absolute best can feel like a full-time job. With so many tasks competing for your attention, finding a partner to help take some of these tasks off your plate is vital. Rise & Shine Garage Doors is proud to offer our Rooster Club Memberships.

Why You Should Invest in This Clucking Good Membership

Deciding to invest in a garage door maintenance plan involves understanding what kind of value you’re looking to get from a membership. With a Rooster Club Membership, you’re entitled to the following:

  • Annual maintenance visit
  • 29-point inspection and tune-up
  • Priority scheduling
  • No dispatch fees
  • 5% discount on all services

Our service plan is designed to help give you renewed peace of mind that your garage door is in the best hands possible. With a seasoned garage door professional looking at your system, you can rest assured that every aspect of your system will be checked out and verified functional. Any component that isn’t will be addressed quickly by a garage door specialist.

Understanding the Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

If you’re on the fence about joining the Rooster Club, understanding the long-term benefits of a regular maintenance schedule and how it can prolong your door’s lifespan is important. Regular garage door maintenance is essential to keep your garage door functioning smoothly and safely. A well-maintained garage door enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal and adds to its value. Whether you have wood, fiberglass, or metal doors, our comprehensive Garage Door Maintenance Plans are designed to cater to all your needs.

Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance: Get Ready for Any Weather

Seasonal garage door maintenance is crucial to withstand harsh weather conditions. From checking the door balance to examining the torsion springs, our garage door specialists ensure your garage door is ready to take on any season. Through the Rooster Club, you can schedule your yearly maintenance visit throughout the year. You can ensure you get a garage door technician to look at your door to ensure it’s fully operational when it makes the most sense for your home.

Our Expertise in Garage Door Openers

We understand that a garage door opener is critical to your garage door system. Our garage door technicians are highly skilled in servicing different types of garage door openers, ensuring your automatic opener works flawlessly. Whether your garage door open function is malfunctioning or the opener’s chain needs adjustment, we’ve got you covered.

Ensuring Safety with Garage Door Balance and Auto Reverse Feature

A balanced garage door ensures smooth operation and prevents undue strain on the door opener. Our team checks the garage door balance and adjusts it using a socket wrench if necessary. We also test the auto-reverse feature to ensure your garage door retracts upon encountering an obstacle in the door’s path.

Overhead Door and Roller Brackets: We Handle It All

Whether it’s an overhead door repair or replacing the bottom roller bracket, we provide comprehensive services to ensure the optimal performance of your garage door. Our technicians also inspect the roller brackets for signs of wear and tear and replace them if necessary.

Double Checking Your Backup Battery Before You Need It

No one wants to see their garage door opener stop working during a power outage — it’s why you have a backup battery installed. But when was the last time you checked your battery was ready for emergency use? We check the backup battery of your garage door opener to ensure it’s working correctly and can operate the door during power outages.

Your Door Downward and Reverse Direction Functionality

We understand how critical the door’s downward and reverse direction functionality is for your garage door. Our specialists thoroughly inspect these features during maintenance checks to ensure they operate correctly.

Ready to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Garage Door?

With Rise & Shine Garage Doors, you get more than just a service – you get a commitment to excellence. Our garage door maintenance plans available through our clucking good Rooster Club are designed to keep your garage door in top shape, enhancing its lifespan and performance. Don’t wait for a problem to occur. Be proactive, learn more about the Rooster Club, and schedule your garage door maintenance today. Contact us now and let our garage door specialists handle the rest!