Garage Door Installation Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul


When a garage door fails to open, for whatever reason, it can change the course of your entire day. If you’re a business depending on its function, production can halt. If you’re depending on it to open at the start of your day to make your way to work, those plans too will be on hold… Both instances can leave you stuck, losing money and wasting time. Our repair and installation experts at Rise & Shine Garage Doors understand that many people don’t have time to deal with a garage door that’s not working properly or at all. Which is precisely why we offer same day garage door service to the local Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area.

Our company specializes in fixing and installing garage doors, we know what we do and we do it well! We can service all garage doors and openers. Before you take the day off to tackle your garage door issues yourself, give us a call and see if our quick, efficient and affordable garage door repair and replacement services aren’t the better option. We strive for solutions that are a win-win for everyone.

Garage Door Repair

Like most everything, garage doors require some upkeep to ensure proper and safe function. There are many instances that a simple routine maintenance is all that is needed when a garage door isn’t functioning properly. Other times, a blatant accident can render a garage door completely damaged and in need of repairs. We can identify and properly fix any part of a garage door, regardless of the circumstance. Springs, hinges, tracks, cables, rollers and many other components may need a little grease, re-alignment or a complete replacement. Whatever is needed, we can assure fast and proper repairs for all of your garage door needs.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Our garage door repair technicians can replace your broken spring. If you have a broken garage door spring, it’s likely you know. When a garage door spring breaks, it is not a quite sound and it will leave your door motionless, until repaired or you manually move the garage door. If you think you’re dealing with a broken garage door spring, it is better left to the professionals. Garage doors can be heavy and a falling one could risk the safety of you and anyone else in its path.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Make your life easy and never worry about opening your garage door manually – ever again. Heck, they have foot activated trunk openers in vehicles now days. If your still pulling that door shut every evening, it’s time for an upgrade. Our innovative garage door openers can shed some real light on the matter that is your garage, detect when there is an obstruction and our professional installation crew can have it working in no time at all and at a price you can live with, comfortably.

Garage Door Replacement

If your garage door needs an adjustment or replacement our qualified repair technicians have the skills and knowledge necessary to safely remove an old, outdated or non-functioning garage door and replace it with a secure and durable garage door and opener. We have a vast selection and can help you choose the best option for your garage needs. Don’t start a DIY project you can’t finish, let our efficient garage installation and repair experts compete the replacement process successfully and save you the time, headache and possible frustration.

Full Service Garage Door Company

We can even partner with contractors to install garage doors and openers in newly constructed properties or remodeling projects. If you have a garage door of any size, style or brand – Rise & Shine Garage Doors can provide you with the best services around at competitive rates.

Contact Rise & Shine Garage Doors for a service at 612-886-9606, call anytime!