What Is Wrong With My Garage Door?

Dec 9, 2021 | Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Door Repair Services

What Is Wrong With My Garage DoorWhen your garage door suddenly stops working, you naturally begin to wonder what could be wrong. We all try to diagnose these types of problems in our home, even without the knowledge or expertise to come to a real conclusion. Here are some easy things that you can do yourself to see if the issue with your garage is an easy fix, or if you will need to call a repair company for assistance.

1. Check all batteries: One of the most common issues that can happen with a garage door is that the batteries die in the keypad that is mounted in your garage or in your portable garage door opener. Take the batteries out and replace each of them before you call (and pay) for assistance.
2. Check the sensors: Another very common problem we find is that something is blocking your garage door sensors. If your garage door thinks that something is in its path, it will stop working, as a safety mechanism. Check for children’s toys, brooms, or even dirt, leaves or dust. Take a minute to make sure that there is nothing blocking your sensors before you call for a repair.
3. Is your garage door locked? You can also inadvertently lock your garage door, preventing it from opening and closing. Check the button on your opener by holding it down for 2-3 seconds and see if that unlocks it and is your quick fix.
4. Check your power source: There are also times when your home loses power, or a breaker goes out. This can be another easy fix that does not require a repair company.

Diagnosing A Garage Door Problem Quickly

If you check those issues and are still having trouble with your garage door, it may be time to call a professional repair company. Rise & Shine Garage Doors can help diagnose your problem, answer your questions and get your garage door back up and running quickly. We repair springs, cables, wire rope, rollers or even the entire opening system the very same day. Your garage door is heavy, and you want to ensure that it is operating safely. So, if you are still unsure about what could be going wrong, our team can help. We offer 24/7 repair services, affordable pricing, high quality repairs and professional customer service. For more information about our comprehensive garage door repair services, call us at 612-886-9606 for an appointment.