Twin Cities Metro Area Garage Door Specialist

Mar 26, 2021 | Twin Cities Garage Door Company, Twin City Garage Door Company

Twin Cities Metro Area Garage Door SpecialistEvery single square inch of your home is precious space. This year, when you have likely spent more time in your home, you have probably treasured every bit of extra space. This includes your garage. You may use space in your garage to house your vehicle(s), for extra storage to free up space inside your home, for a “man-cave”, a home office, place for virtual school or even as a place to work out. No matter what you do with this space, you want your garage to operate correctly so that you can fully utilize all of its functionality. Rise & Shine Garage Doors can help with routine maintenance, garage door repair as well as replacement, when that is necessary.

Residential Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Our team understands that 2020-2021 have been hard on many families in our area. We have been asked to change our day to day lives and do more from our homes, rather than attending school or going to the office. For some of us, we have needed to use every inch of space in our house to spread out for zooms, workspace and storage. It has been a stressful time for sure and may last for a few more months. Rise & Shine Garage Doors can help you maximize your space by keeping your garage door fully operational.

Twin Cities Garage Door Repair Specialists

We offer comprehensive, one stop garage door maintenance and repair for those in the Twin Cities Metro Area. We work to meet our customer needs, so if that means a quick, simple fix, or a full garage door replacement, we are ready to help. We complete our work in the most affordable way possible and explain our assessment of the issues we find so that you understand what the work is that we will be completing. Some of the most common garage door repairs that we complete are:

Cables and/or the wire rope: These hold the weight of your door and keep your garage door safe, stable and secure.
Springs: The springs are used each time you open and close the door and help the door stay balanced. The springs are probably the most common part that needs to be repaired.
Opening System: You push a button, and your garage door does the rest. The life of your garage door opener is usually about 10 years.
Rollers: The rollers help the door move up and down smoothly and when they do not work, other parts of your system are under stress.

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