Bent Top Panel

There are a lot more parts that go in to a Garage Door than most of our customers realize and making sure that everything is working properly is very important. This is why it is always important to have a trained certified professional handle all of your Garage Door repairs and installations. In Eagan, MN we had a customer call in that was having issues with the top panel closing all of the way; this was also causing the door to bind when it was opening and closing causing issues with the Garage Door Opener. We were able to have a technician out same day to take a look at what was causing the problem. In this case the customer had an opener installed on their single stall but hired an independent person that was just looking for a side job that didn’t really know what they were doing. They over looked an important part of the Garage Door where the opener was installed; it had started to bend the top panel and cause damage to the entire door. We were able to provide a solution to get the door working again and also pointed out a few other problems so that their door would continue to run smoothly for the upcoming winter and for years to come.

Common Repairs If Your Top Panel Won’t Close

There are many different reasons why your Garage Door might not be closing all of the way; it could be as simple as a few adjustments on your opener or as difficult as reinforcing the entire door and resetting your torsion system. Here are a few different repairs that can be done to get your Garage Door to close all of the way:

  • Reinforcement Struts
  • Limit Adjustments
  • Torsion System Cable Reset
  • Ripped up Bottom Seal
  • Bent Panel

Whatever type of repair that may be needed Rise & Shine Garage Doors can make sure it is done right the first time. All of our technicians are trained and certified to handle all of your repairs just as well as if it was their own home. Visit our contact page to fill out a website appointment and have a representative call you immediately to answer your questions and set up an appointment, or call 612-886-9606 and you will reach a live person immediately.