Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Overhead Garage Door

Mar 8, 2023 | Commercial Garage Door Services

Business owners have many responsibilities and obligations to keep track of for their organization. However, from daily operations to providing a safe working environment for their employees, and ensuring their customers are served, one of the last things they want to address frequently is faulty overhead garage doors. Whether it’s for their property’s warehouse, loading dock, or vehicle fleet, commercial overhead garage doors play an integral role in their daily operations, and a faulty unit can significantly affect your productivity. 

Fortunately, business owners and property managers can take steps to maintain these essential components of their properties better and prevent such disruptions. So whether you’ve recently opened a commercial facility or have been in operation for decades, here are some essential tips for maintaining your overhead garage doors. 

Prioritize Routine Maintenance

Preventing seemingly minor issues from worsening and becoming a bigger headache is often vital to caring for your commercial overhead garage doors, which many businesses can overlook. Identifying these problems before they spiral out of control can help ensure your facility doesn’t have to shut down for an extended period to address them. In addition, routine maintenance covers much ground and provides a good foundation for handling your overhead garage doors. 

Here are some examples of routine maintenance you can do to stay on top of any issues with your commercial overhead garage door!

Perform Regular Visual Inspections

The best way to know there’s a problem with your garage door is to check for anything out of the ordinary regularly. Issues with your entry points can start out as something minor and, when left unchecked or ignored for long periods, can quickly escalate into an expensive replacement. Setting aside time for your team to perform cursory and more in-depth inspections can help you stay on top of things and keep your garage door in excellent shape for years to come. 

Check Your Door’s Balance

When your door is in good alignment, it should open and close smoothly without interruptions. However, if you’ve noticed that your garage door has some trouble opening and closing, it could point to a balance issue. 

To test your door’s balance, first, you must turn your automatic garage door system off. Once you do, try to open the door manually. If you have trouble opening it, or the door suddenly closes without going up all the way, your entry may be out of balance. Finally, get a commercial garage door repair technician in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, to take a closer look. 

Check the Reversing Mechanisms

Newer garage doors have a built-in automatic reversing mechanism as a safety precaution in case anyone gets caught in its path. When it functions properly, your commercial overhead door will automatically start reversing upwards when it comes into contact with a solid object. If it’s malfunctioning and someone gets caught underneath, they could suffer serious injury. 

To test if your automatic reversing mechanism is functioning correctly, take a 2×4, place it on the floor beneath the door and start lowering it. If the door makes contact with it and starts going back up, everything is fine with your door. However, if it stops or continues trying to move down, it’s time to get it checked out by a professional. 

Schedule a Commercial Overhead Garage Door Inspection With Our Team

Business owners shouldn’t have to worry about their commercial garage doors malfunctioning at the worst possible time. Taking steps to make maintenance a priority can help prolong the life of your systems and ensure you can put your resources into the areas of your company that need the most help. Rise & Shine Garage Doors is ready to help make your commercial overhead garage door maintenance a priority!

We have you covered, from the first maintenance check to performing a routine inspection to completing a new commercial garage door installation in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. Contact our experienced team to schedule your next appointment today!