The Benefits Of A Smart Garage Door Opener

Aug 13, 2021 | Garage Door Opener, Garage Door Opener Remote Issue

The Benefits Of A Smart Garage Door OpenerMore and more homeowners are discovering a new technology they wonder how they ever lived without. Actually, rather than a new technology, it is more a mashup of two technologies. As homes become smarter and more connected beyond just a computer with broadband, the concept is spreading to more spaces throughout the home. One area has been left off the list for many…until now. A smart upgrade to your home that brings a high level of convenience and increases safety is the installation of a state-of-the-art WIFI garage door opener. Give us a call and schedule your install today. Convience, Safety and security at it’s finest.

The Garage Door Opener Has Come a Long Way

Residents have enjoyed the benefits of electric overhead garage door openers for nearly 100 years now and the ability to operate them with a remote for decades. Today, homeowners no longer have to be within a certain range of their garage to open and close their door. Instead, a garage door can be controlled from anywhere in the world thanks to a smart garage door opener. The accompanying app keeps you always connected to your home or to your business. You can even view a history of the door’s activity right in the app.

Set It and Forget It

Not only do you control your garage door through the cloud-based software, but the app can be set up to notify you anytime there is activity with your door. With the ability to set recurring schedules to open, close, and lock your garage door as well as turn the lights on or off, a smart garage door opener provides lasting peace of mind. How many times have you found yourself miles away from home or lying in bed at night and wondering, “Did I close the garage door?” With a smart garage door opener, this concern becomes a worry of the past.

Allowing children or service providers access according to your schedule without the need to make sure the right people have keys or codes is made easy with a smart garage door opener. You can even connect a smart garage door opener to your current smart home hub to control it with just your voice. Beyond just built-in WIFI, some smart garage door opener models also feature laser park assist, safety sensors, motion sensors, and more! Call Rise & Shine Garage Doors at 612-886-9606 or get in touch online to learn more today!