Storage Unit Door Repair Minneapolis

Jun 1, 2020 | Commercial Garage Door Repairs MN, Roll-up Door Repair

Storage Unit Door Repair MinneapolisAs one of Minneapolis’ best known and most trusted Rise & Shine Garage Doorsmpanies, Rise & Shine Garage Doors has earned our reputation based on our knowledge of garage door installation and repair. Most people would assume that garage doors are all we work on. While garage door installation and repair does make up the majority of our business, we can also use our knowledge and experience to other projects, including storage unit door repair.

If you have a space that is secured by a door that is spring-loaded and secures your belongings, the team at The Rise & Shine Garage Doors can fix it if it develops a problem. Storage unit doors are similar in many ways to your standard garage door. Not many are equipped with a motor that opens and closes them automatically, but the opening and closing mechanisms are very similar. Both garages and storage units require the doors to be secure so that you can be confident that the contents inside will stay safe. If your storage unit door is damaged and is in need of repair, Rise & Shine Garage Doors will provide you with the same commitment to outstanding service as we do for garage doors.

Storage Unit Door Repair Company in Minneapolis

We know that our customers take their safety and security very seriously. The primary difference between the security offered by a garage door and the security offered by a storage unit door is that a garage door helps prevent unwanted entry to your home, where you and your family live. Your storage unit protects belongings not people, and these possessions can be valuable and difficult to replace. We understand the necessity of helping you regain your feeling of security by repairing your storage unit door as quickly as possible.

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Garage doors and storage unit doors have changed over the years and have become more sophisticated in their design. Despite greater complexity both kinds of doors remain relatively simple. Very often when you need a storage unit door repaired the fix may be fairly simple and inexpensive. Our team will assess the issue, and provide an estimate for what it will take to repair it. Regardless of the nature of the issue, if you have a storage unit door that needs repair, our staff is available to help you. Call us at 612-886-9606 for more information or to schedule an appointment.