Signs That Your Garage Door Spring Needs To Be Repaired

Feb 3, 2022 | Broken Garage Door Spring Twin City

Signs That Your Garage Door Spring Needs To Be RepairedOne of the most common problems with a garage door not opening correctly has to do with the spring. Your garage door spring, when working correctly, twists to counterbalance the force that is needed to open your garage door safely and easily. If your garage door spring is broken, it will be unable to tighten up on the way down, causing the door not to be able to lift up. What does this mean for you? You may assume that your entire garage door or operating system is broken, but it may be much simpler–a broken spring. Rise & Shine Garage Doors can determine whether the problem you are having is related to an issue with the spring, or other part of the door, and make the necessary repairs quickly, so that you can move on with your day!

Garage Door Spring Repair

The spring for your garage door is located inside your garage and is generally directly above the door when it is in the closed position. Your door can have multiple springs and it is best to leave a spring repair to a garage door professional if possible. Your garage door is extremely heavy and can do some damage if it falls (either to the door itself or anything in its way). Here are a few tips to watch for if you are concerned that your garage door spring is not working correctly and may be in need of repair:

● Garage door begins to open but then stops and either gets stuck or goes back down to the ground.
● Loud noise during opening or closing – this could actually be a spring breaking.
● You may also be able to look up at the spring and see that it has come apart in some way or is not hanging correctly. This is a sign that you should have someone look at it.

Trusted Rise & Shine Garage Doors In Minnesota

The team at Rise & Shine Garage Doors in Minneapolis can help with all types of garage door repairs, including spring repair and replacement. These repairs can be difficult and tedious and should not be completed by a homeowner without necessary experience and training. Our staff understands that the timing of repairs is important to our customers, so we offer emergency repairs 24/7. We do not want you to have to wait for a garage door repair. Call us 612-886-9606 for assistance.