Rusty Cable & BracketGetting your Garage Door Serviced regularly is probably the last thing on your mind. However it is very important to have this done at least once every year to ensure safe and proper operation. Recently in St. Paul MN we were out on a standard Garage Door Tune Up & Safety Inspection. While checking the entire door it was quite evident that the cables were very close to snapping. This was caused by the heavy amount of rust located in the corner of the garage door. Our technician was able to replace all the rusted components to ensure the customer did not have a cable snap. By replacing the cable before it breaks you are saving not only your time but money. When a cable breaks the entire door goes crooked and can in some cases come out of the tracks. So replacing it before it breaks you reduce the amount of damage done, as well as time to repair the door. We ended up replacing not only the Garage Door Cable but also the brackets and rollers. Now the Garage Door is running better than ever and the customer can rest assured it will not break anytime soon!

Do I Need to Replace Both Cables if Only one is Rusty?

This is a very common question asked when it comes to cable replacement. The answer is yes, both cables should be replaced at the same time. Here is a few reasons why:New Cable & Bracket

  • Cost: The difference in cost to replace a single cable versus both is not much. This is due to the fact that the technician will likely have to do just as much work weather you replace both or just one. So you’re really not making their job any easier.
  • Wear & Tear: Just because the cable does not have rust on it does not mean it’s still as strong as a new cable. The cable has gone through thousands of cycles and is getting worn down.
  • Size of the cable: Many companies use different lengths and braid diameter on cables, so it is very important both sides match for length and diameter.

Garage Door Cables are one of the most common repairs we run into. It is important to check your cables for fraying and rust often. If you notice either of these issues you should call immediately. Not only will you save yourself from a potential disaster but you will also save money. To schedule an appointment simply call 612-886-9606.