Roll-up Door 2

Garage Doors are commonly used across the country for storing our cars, old clothes, auto parts, tools, and many other things. However, some instances may require you to use a storage unit for extra items that may not fit and many of these facilities use Roll-up Doors. In Minneapolis, MN Rise & Shine Garage Doors services many of these different facilities for a variety of different repairs and installations. In some cases even at your own home you may consider having a roll-up door installed on your Garage or you shed. Even some bar and restaurants will use these types of doors for their outdoor patio bars; they are durable steel doors and can often be installed with insulation. So whether you have a roll-up door or think you might need one installed Rise & Shine Garage Doors can help!

Examples of Roll-up Door Repairs

Roll-up doors have a lot of similarities to Garage Doors for the different types of repairs that are needed. The biggest difference though is that the roll-up doors don’t require tracks that travel further back, the door instead rolls into its self in a spiral mounted above the opening. The added benefit here is that it gives you more space above the opening for more storage options. Here are some different examples of Roll-up Door Repairs:

  • Broken Spring
  • Bent Track
  • Bent Panel
  • Broken Hasp
  • Missing or Broken Stop Plate
  • Full Replacement

If any of these problems happen with your storage unit make sure to let someone at the office know so the repair can be handled swiftly and your property can remain protected. If you think you may need a roll-up door installed in your own home or place of business we can help with all sized roll-up doors.

Quality Repairs

Roll-up doors are not as rare as they may seem but finding a good repair man to fix these types of doors can be rare. That’s why you should always call Rise & Shine Garage Doors or have your storage facility contact us directly for all your roll-up door repairs or installations. We have been servicing these types of doors for years and have the experience you need to guarantee quality work for the entire twin cities area.