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Replacing The Cables For Your Garage Door

Dec 30, 2021 | Garage Door Cable Repair

Replacing The Cables For Your Garage DoorOne of the most important components of a working garage door are the cables. The main purpose of the garage door cables is to prevent and/or hold the spring tension that counterbalances the weight of the door, making it possible for the heavy door to be opened and closed. When they break, there is often no real choice but to replace them, if you want your garage door to work correctly. You may be tempted to try to replace them on your own, but this process can be difficult and tedious. Rise & Shine Garage Doors specializes in garage door cable replacement and works all year round so that our clients do not have to be without a working garage door for long.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

When cables break, you are left manually lifting and lowering your garage door each and every time you need it. Your garage door is extremely heavy. If this weight is not controlled properly by the spring and cables, then it can become a dangerous situation quickly. If you are concerned that a cable has broken, then it is time to call a professional for help. We have the skills, experience and all of the right tools to replace cables quickly and easily, often on the same day that you call us. When we come out to your home, we can also assess the other parts of your garage door (springs, garage door operating system, sensors, etc.) to ensure that the entire garage door system is working the way it should.

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