Reasonably Priced Garage Door Maintenance

Jul 22, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Services

Reasonably Priced Garage Door MaintenanceAs a homeowner, keeping up with the maintenance on your home can be overwhelming. The maintenance projects that you have in mind may focus on things like cleaning, painting, gutter cleaning, plumbing, etc., Oftentimes, homeowners forget the importance of garage door maintenance as well. Regularly maintaining your garage will help you avoid costly expenses down the road. At Rise & Shine Garage Doors, we are proud to offer reasonable priced garage door maintenance right here in St. Paul, MN.

Identifying Garage Door Issues Early

Especially if you have dogs or pets, you want to make sure that your garage door is regularly maintained. A faulty garage door could cause bad injuries to a child or animal if the door unexpectedly slammed shut because of issues that weren’t addressed. By committing to our affordable garage door maintenance services, our garage door experts will be able to identify any potential issues early. From there, we can repair the garage door to make sure it continues to work well without any hiccups. The best part about identifying the issue early through our maintenance services is that you as a homeowner are often able to avoid the costly big garage door repair expenses.

Our Garage Door Maintenance Process

You may be wondering what we look for during the garage door maintenance inspection and the truth is we thoroughly inspect every bit of the garage door. Our maintenance process includes evaluating the following:

Visual Inspection of Door & Opener
● Identify any Rust on Garage Parts
● Tighten Nuts and Bolts
● Evaluate all Bearings
● Make sure Tracks are Clear
● Adjust Track Alignment if Needed
● Review Weather Seals
● Check on Spring Balance
● Adjust Torsion Spring Tension
● Inspect Safety Sensors
● Evaluate Opener Chain or Belt
● Test Opener Limits
● Go through Garage Door Opener Safety Test
● Lubricate

It is never too late to start taking better care of your garage door. Getting on a regular garage door maintenance plan will help ensure that you don’t find yourself having to deal with a broken garage and a hefty repair bill down the road. If you are looking for the right company in St. Paul, MN that offers affordable and reliable garage door maintenance services, look no further than Rise & Shine Garage Doors. We even offer 24/7 emergency service if that is ever needed. To schedule a garage door maintenance appointment in the near future, give us a call today at (612) 886-9606.