Professional Garage Door Repair Services in St. Paul, MNFor many residential and commercial property owners, it seems like their garage door needs repairs at the most inopportune times. Whether you’ve got a vehicle or equipment stuck in your garage, it’s important to have a trusted professional garage door repair company on speed dial whenever they are needed. For the St. Paul, MN community, the team you need to have in your phone contacts when it comes to your garage door repair needs is Rise & Shine Garage Doors. Count on us to provide professional garage door repair services that cannot be matched by our competitors in the area.

Professional Garage Door Repair in St Paul

When a garage door is fully functioning, it runs so well. Many of our clients, however, don’t realize how much is involved in a working garage door. Due to this complexity of a garage door, there will be times when repairs are needed. The good news for you is that your repair experts at Garage Door Repair Company can handle all of your repair needs both big and small. Some of the common repairs that our customers call us for assistance on include:

Faulty Battery – Yes, your issue may be as simple as replacing the batteries. Quite often, the battery is the issue with your faulty garage door.
Power Issues – Has a breaker gone out or did the garage power cord come loose? This is another simple repair that we often get calls about.
The Lock Button – There is a lock button on garage door openers. If the lock is in place on the remote, the garage likely will not open. We’ll walk you through resetting the lock button to see if that’s the issue.
Sensor Damage – There’s a lot that can cause the sensors of your garage door to become misaligned. If they aren’t properly aligned, your garage door will not function properly. We can help get your sensors back into working order.
Wiring – Worn down, chewed on or damaged wires could be the issue you are dealing with. If so, let our garage repair experts replace any damaged wires.
Springs – Dealing with the extension and torsion springs should only be completed by professionals. We can take care of replacing and repairing your springs with ease.
Cables – If there’s damage to your garage cables, you need to seek assistance promptly as this is what holds all the weight of your garage door.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that can go wrong with a garage door. Rather than trying to tackle these repairs on your own, leave it up to our garage door repair experts. Serving St. Paul, MN with all of their professional garage door repair service needs, give Rise & Shine Garage Doors a call today at (612) 886-9606 to set up an appointment.