Professional Garage Door Installation

Nov 6, 2020 | Garage Door Opener, Garage Door Repair Services, Garage Door Replacement

Professional Garage Door Installation If you built your house, bought it new, or bought it a few years after it was built, you might have discovered by now that your garage door and the motor that powers it may not be as strong as you thought. People who build their own homes often have to make cost-cutting decisions, and if your garage door is not working correctly or if it is not as powerful as you need it to be, Rise & Shine Garage Doors can help you.

When Should you Replace your Garage Door?

It is common for contractors to cut corners, and that applies to the installation of garage doors and garage door opening mechanisms too. When it happens, it is not always due to the contractor’s decision to install an inferior product. Many contractors seek to save home buyers money by installing the most economical garage door openers that are available to them. But if the equipment they purchase does not have the power needed for your specific garage door, you may find that it will break down sooner than you expect.

Our garage door installation specialists know how to assess the needs of the homes where we install our products. Home building contractors do not specialize in garage doors and garage door openers. We do. By using our knowledge and expertise, we will accurately calculate what kind of equipment you need, and we will help you choose the most economical and best-performing garage door equipment available.

Garage Door Installation Specialists in MN

If you are not happy with the style of your garage door, or if the door itself has been damaged beyond the point of repair, we can replace it for you. Further, we can offer a variety of style choices so that your garage door matches the overall look of the exterior of your home. We will work hard to help you make the best possible decision, and for most of our customers, that means finding a balance between finding the most affordable combination of garage door/garage door opener and visual appeal. No matter what you decide is best for you, you can feel confident that the installation will be done correctly.

Our staff have extensive experience with garage door installation, and their work results in garage doors that move up and down smoothly and in perfect balance. When we perform your installation, your garage door issues will be behind you once and for all. Call us at 612-886-9606 to schedule an appointment.