Preventing Garage Door Issues In The Winter

Jan 28, 2022 | Garage Door Maintenance

Preventing Garage Door Issues In The WinterWinters in the Twin Cities of Minnesota can be harsh and it’s easy to forget the effect they can have on your garage doors. As one of the most-used pieces of large moving equipment in your home, it can be a huge inconvenience if something goes wrong with your door. You could have trouble getting your vehicle out of the house or might even get stuck outside in the cold. There are a few common garage door problems in the winter that you should stay on the lookout for so you can get ahead of them and keep your door running smoothly.

Regular Inspection And Maintenance

The best way to keep your garage door running smoothly all year-round is to properly inspect and maintain its operation! It’s recommended to check your garage door every three months by disconnecting the door opener and operating the door manually a few times. You’ll want to keep the base of the garage door clear of water, snow, and ice to ensure a safe operation. Garage door sensors are very sensitive, and a buildup of snow will affect its function, in addition to freezing it shut!

Lubrication And Weather Seals

Use just the right amount of lubrication to avoid winter garage door problems. The creaking and squeaking is a sign that you don’t have enough lubrication. When the rollers and bearings dry out, they don’t glide very well. This creates the terrible noise you’re hearing as well as the glitchy movements. You can also avoid winter garage door problems by adding weather seals for energy efficiency. Make sure there’s a tight seal underneath the door and on the sides. This keeps pests out and heat in, so you don’t lose money on your energy bills.

Getting A Winter Weather-Resistant Door

Garage door inspection and repairs can be dangerous – leave that stuff to a professional. Rise & Shine Garage Doors has the expertise to figure out your winter garage door woes and provide you with an affordable solution. If your garage door is struggling to make it through fall, you’ll want it replaced before the snow hits. We can provide you with preventative maintenance at any time of the year to ensure your door stays in great shape for many winter seasons to come!

Affordable 24/7 Garage Door Maintenance And Repair

Rise & Shine Garage Doors has been serving individuals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for many years. We perform repairs any time of day or night and you will find that our prices are some of the most affordable in the area. Our crew is professional, friendly and will communicate clearly with you about what we find so that you can make the best decision about how you want to move forward. For more information about our garage door repair services, garage door installation or routine garage door maintenance, call us today at (612) 886-9606.