Open Rise & Shine Garage Doors during COVID-19Rise & Shine Garage Doors has remained an open garage door repair company during COVID-19 for customers in Minneapolis & St. Paul and surrounding Metro. We understand that this has been a very trying time for our community and many of our customers. Having to also deal with a problem such as a non-functioning garage door only adds to the stress you are living with. The team at Rise & Shine Garage Doors can help you reduce your stress in at least one area of your life by repairing your garage door safely and affordably. We respond to our customers’ needs quickly, and we work efficiently which means that you will not have to feel the stress of your garage door issue for long once you reach out to us.

Contact Free Garage Door Repair in Minneapolis, St. Paul & Surrounding Metro

We also want you to know that we respect your concerns about being exposed to COVID-19 virus. The Garage Door Company is fully committed to conducting our business to adhere to state and federal guidelines for performing our work and minimizing, if not eliminating, physical contact with our clients. We can complete estimates, communicate repair recommendations and complete payments with no physical contact with our customers. Our technicians clean up after themselves and carry appropriate protective gear and hand sanitizer at all times. If you have any questions or concerns about how we will conduct our work on your garage door, contact us ahead of time and we can speak with you in detail over the phone.

Once you are comfortable with our work process, we can begin our work. If it is a repair you need, our staff will be able to identify the issue with your garage door accurately and complete the repairs as quickly as possible. We will not rush through a job, but our knowledge of garage door repair does allow us to work in a very efficient manner. Your description of the problem ahead of time can provide us with much needed insight into the nature of the issues, so some of our work can be done even before we set foot on your property.

Safe and Efficient Garage Door Installation and Repair in MN

If your reason for contacting us involves the installation of an entirely new garage door, we can offer you the same considerations. Installing a new garage door will require more time to complete, but we will stay committed to the same safe process. In other words, we may need to spend more time in your garage to install a new door, but we will adhere to the same safety guidelines and principles to ensure the health and safety of you and your family. Call us at 612-886-9606 or to learn more about our garage door repair services in Minneapolis & St. Paul and the surrounding Metro area during COVID-19.