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Apr 16, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Services, Garage Door Replacement, St. Paul Garage Door Company

One Stop Shop For Garage Door ServicesLike any machine or piece of equipment, a garage door is bound to break down eventually. Many of us take our garage doors for granted because the view from the street gives us the impression that a garage door is as simple a machine as the front door. However, garage doors are surprisingly complex. Unlike a front or back door to a house which are connected by three or four metal hinges to a door jamb, the garage door is usually connected to the garage ceiling with a lightweight but very strong scaffolding that can hold the weight of the door without placing too much stress on what it is connected to. The Rise & Shine Garage Doors has the training and expertise to install and repair almost any kind of garage door.

MN Garage Door Maintenance And Repair Services

Your garage door is much more complicated than the other doors in your house. Front, back or interior doors have simple locking mechanisms, usually a bolt that slides into the opening on the edge of the frame. Your garage door, which closes against the floor where your garage and driveway meet, cannot simply lock like another door in your house. A garage door moves up and down as a result of the combination of a motor and spring and locks into place because of the tension created by those two parts working in unison.

For your garage door to work as you want it to, the central components—the spring, the motor, the pulley, and cable—must be in balance with each other. If they are not well balanced, your garage door may work inefficiently, which can place greater stress on the motor, or cause the door to come off its tracks and not work at all.

One Stop Shop For Garage Door Services

Over time, parts of your garage door will wear out and need to be replaced. If various parts are allowed to wear out and go without being replaced, the more complex and expensive components of your garage door, such as the motor, can fail. We can help with routine garage door maintenance to help keep your garage door in good working order and also repair and replacement when necessary. We will be honest about our assessment of the issues we see with your garage door and our best estimate for what it will take to fix it. Call us at 612-886-9606 to schedule an appointment.