IMG_20160420_210642 (2)When something works it’s sometimes hard to find a good reason to replace it. Most go by the common phrase; if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Unfortunately when it comes to older garage doors this mentality can often times lead to a bigger problem. This was most recently the case for one of our Roseville customers. Their garage door was over 40 years old and had little to no maintenance or updates done to it. The door was still using an out dated spring lift system that is typically not used on new installations today. Due to lack of reliability and safety this system has been only used when other options cannot be installed. Our customer realized that her door was extremely old and trying to update at this time would not be very cost effective. She decided Garage Door Replacement was the best course of action. After going over all door options she decided to go with our Hormann Gemini 2100 Raised Panel option. We were able to set her up with next day installation and had the entire project completed within 24 hours of first contact.

Dangers of Extension Springs

Yes it is well known that garage door springs are extremely dangerous and should not be handled by anyone other than a professional. Among the most dangerous would have to be Extension Springs, these are the springs that run alongside the outside of the garage door tracks. Now days safety measures are taken to ensure safety when theses springs are installed, but for those who have had extension springs for a while it is worth noting the danger. When springs are at full tension is when they are most likely to break, and in the case of extension springs this can cause the spring to fly in any direction. If your Extension springs to not have Safety Cables running throughout the center of the spring to ensure the spring will not move during breakage. You may want to have a professional out to take a look, either adding safety cables or replacing to a Professional Torsion System would be two options to remedy the situation. Here is a list of the most common types of spring systems you may have in your home:

  • Professional Torsion System
  • Easywind Torsion System
  • Torquemaster Spring System
  • Extension Spring System

If you are interested in getting your Garage Door Spring system repaired or if you are in need of a new door, Rise & Shine Garage Doors can help. We offer same day service and free estimates to all of our valued customers. To schedule simply call 612-886-9606.