Insulated Garage Door Installer

Aug 17, 2020 | New Garage Door, Residential Garage Door Services, Twin City Garage Door Company

Insulated Garage Door in MinnesotaThe Garage Door Company specializes in installing insulated garage doors for local homes and businesses. In Minnesota, you are not likely to find a garage door installation company with more experience or better customer service, and when it comes to understanding how to maximize the efficiency of your new garage door, no company will outperform us.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Installing an insulated garage door is all about efficiency. The cost of owning a home is a financial challenge for just about everyone, and most of us lose money because of the lack of efficiency of various aspects of our homes. Garages are one of the greatest offenders – losing heat during the colder months of the year and the losing cool air in the warmer months of the year. If you own a home, you may already know about improving energy efficiency with upgraded windows, new attic insulation, or installing new seals around windows and doors. Not many homeowners realize that their garage doors can also be a source for maximizing energy efficiency.

The purpose of an insulated garage door is pretty simple: It prevents heat from getting out through the garage in the fall and winter (and, in Minnesota in the spring too), and prevents cool air from escaping in the summer. If you want to upgrade your current garage door to an insulated garage door, you will almost immediately notice that your home’s energy-efficiency is improved. There are also other benefits to installing an insulated garage door.

Use your Garage All Year Round

Many people use their garages for more than parking their cars. If that is all a garage is used for, energy-efficiency may be appealing, but may not justify the move to an insulated garage door. But more and more people use their garage for storage of important family possessions, activities when the weather does not permit, and some families turn their garages into “man caves.” So, if you enjoy spending more than a few minutes in your garage for any activity that is important to you, there are certain times of year when the temperature makes it impossible. An insulated garage door makes it possible.

With an insulated garage door, you can organize your Christmas decorations in the winter; you can set up a safety net for batting practice in the summer without worrying about overheating; or you can fill a wall with TVs and watch multiple shows simultaneously in your garage-based man cave. With a standard garage door, any activity you conduct in your garage will be much less comfortable. Give us a call at 612-886-9606 for more information about insulated garage doors.