Installing A Garage Door Opener

Jul 16, 2021 | Garage Door Opener, Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Installing A Garage Door OpenerWhile there are many luxuries in life that make our day-to-day job easier for us, there is nothing better than a garage door opener that allows you to simply press a button and raise your garage. Honestly, could you imagine lifting and shutting your garage manually every day? If you have a garage nowadays, it’s safe to say that you have an electric garage door opener as well. While we typically overlook this luxury, it’s definitely noticeable when it breaks, and you no longer have it. Garage door openers are fantastic and if installed correctly, they should be extremely easy to use and last for a very long time.

The Function Of The Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are made to be very simple and user-friendly. Home or business owners simply press a button and up goes the door. How effortless is that? At Rise & Shine Garage Doors, we will find the perfect setup for you. We offer wireless keypads, remotes and anything else you may need to make your life that much easier and simple. However, as easy and as simple as the garage door may seem to the user, it is actually quite a complex installation.

Garage Door Opener Installation

In order to get that nice “ease of use” benefit, you must have an extremely talented installation professional. Every garage door opener is different and must be set specifically to the dimensions of the space opening. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all. When we come out and do a garage door opener installation, we are looking at the dimensions of your space, the garage door weight and the frequency of use. We will evaluate this criteria and make mathematical adjustments that are precisely formulated to directly hold and secure the weight of your garage door for years to come. Without these precise calculations, you pose an immense safety risk, operational damages and premature issues that could have easily been avoided.

At Rise & Shine Garage Doors, electric garage doors are our specialty. We are extensively trained and highly experienced to properly install your garage door opener. Our experts can guarantee a quality product, fantastic installation and a functional garage for years to come. For more information about our services at Rise & Shine Garage Doors, feel free to give us a call today. Contact Rise & Shine Garage Doors today at (612) 886-9606 to learn more.