Residential Garage Door Repairs MNThe majority of Twin Cities homes have some type of garage for safely storing vehicles and a variety of possessions. Families depend on the convenience and security of a good functioning residential garage door. As with every other area of your home there are times when Expert Garage Repair Service is needed. Even if you don’t know what the problem is the Twin Cities Rise & Shine Garage Doors has technicians that are experts at Garage Door Troubleshooting. We will diagnose the problem and have it fixed in no time. Call us for Same Day Garage Door Services in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Garage Door Troubleshooting

A residential garage door may seem like a simple piece of equipment but it is made up of several different parts that must work together seamlessly. When there is a problem don’t panic Rise & Shine Garage Doors technicians can repair or replace the broken parts.

Is your home’s garage door stuck in the Open or Closed position and refusing to operate properly? The following are some tips for homeowners who want to do some Garage Door Troubleshooting to see if the problem can be easily remedied:

  1. Check the battery in the keypad or remote to see if it needs to be replaced.
  1. Make sure that the electrical power is on in the garage. Check breakers and look for power outages.
  1. Verify that the garage door opener lock button isn’t preventing the door to open or close. Look for a flickering light and hold the button down on the remote control.
  1. Make sure that nothing is blocking the door safety sensors.
  1. Check for damage to wires for the main garage door unit and sensors. Make sure that they have not been damaged or chewed.

Same Day Services

If your garage door is still not functioning properly after you tried trouble shooting the issue its time to call in the experts. The Twin Cities Rise & Shine Garage Doors provides expert garage repair service at a time when it is Convenient for You. In many cases we can provide Same Day Services for garage door Repair or Replacement.

Twin Cities Rise & Shine Garage Doors

Contact Rise & Shine Garage Doors for Same Day Service of Residential Garage Doors. Our knowledgeable technicians can visit your home and provide you with Expert Garage Repair Services that are convenient, affordable and professional. You can try our Garage Door Troubleshooting tips before you call or simply let our experts take care of everything right away.

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