There areGear and Sprocket many common problems that can happen with your Garage Door; broken springs, broken cables, cracked panels, and garage door openers, however, one of the issues your Garage could have that is not even visible is a broken Gear and Sprocket Assembly. In Anoka, MN we had a customer that had a broken spring but had continued to run her Garage Door Opener, by doing this with a broken spring it can either break or grind down the Gear and Sprocket Assembly inside the Garage Door Opener itself. Being that it is inside the opener it is not something that is an obvious repair and difficult to identify without proper training. Often times you have to take the entire Garage Door Opener apart including the motor just to get at the gear. Although it is a slow process the experts at Rise & Shine Garage Doors can accomplish this in a timely fashion and within the same day if needed.

Identifying the need for a Gear and Sprocket Replacement

When your Gear and Sprocket Assembly breaks or strips it is not a very common problem and is typically a one-time repair in the life of the Garage Door Opener. There are a few different ways to identify whether or not this is a repair you may need on your Garage Door. If the opener motor makes a noise as though it should be working but the arm attached the door does not move at all then the Gear may be stripped. If the door goes down but then when you try to run the door up it jerks back and forth then the Sprocket may be broken. There are a few other ways to identify this but it is best to have a trained expert check it out to make sure it is the proper fix.

Causes of a Broken or Stripped Gear and Sprocket Assembly

There are a few common repair problems that can ultimately cause a broken or stripped Gear and Sprocket Assembly. If any of these things happen make sure to release your Garage Door from the Opener Rail. Here are some of those problems to look out for:

  • Broken Springs
  • Broken Cables
  • Cracked or Broken Sections
  • Broken Hinges

Those are just some of the common problems, if you make sure to release your Garage Door from the opener when these repairs need to be done you will help to ensure that the Gear and Sprocket doesn’t get stripped or broken. For any of these problems make sure to call 612-886-9606, our experts are available 24 hours a day.