Garage Door Safety Sensor

There is nothing worse than trying to leave your home to go to work and the Garage Door Wont Close. This is a very common issue that we run into and recently helped one of our North Minneapolis customers with fixing this problem. Upon arrival the technician asked the customer to demonstrate the issue. When the Garage Door Opener button was pressed the door did not close but the garage door opener flashed its light bulbs 10 times. When the lights on a garage door opener flash as this customers did, it is always a sign that there is an issue with the Photoelectric Eye System (safety sensors). The technician proceeded to assess the problem. This consisted of quickly cleaning off and adjusting the location of the sensors, ensuring that there were two solid lights. After the adjustments were made the garage door was able to close. Our Minneapolis customer was thrilled that we were able to come out so fast and have his door repaired in a matter of minutes.


Additional Causes for a Garage Door Not Closing

In most cases when a garage door is not able to be closed checking and adjusting safety sensors is the most common fix. But what if this does not fix your issue? Here is a list of other problems that may be causing your issue.

  • Garage Door Cable is Broken or Off Drum
  • Worn out Rollers
  • Worn our End Bearings
  • Short in the Garage Door Opener Wiring
  • Forces on Garage Door Opener Set too Low

Many of these issues are not DIY projects to try to take on yourself. Without proper tools and training serious injury may occur trying to fix it yourself. This is where Rise & Shine Garage Doors comes in. We pride ourselves on offering same day service at a fair price. Our technicians have all been through training and have all the proper tools to get the job done the first time. Free estimates are always available for our Minneapolis customers which allows us to come see first-hand what your specific Garage Door Repair needs are. Simply call 612-886-9606 or visit our contact us page to fill out the online appointment form. It’s that easy!