Garage Door Tune-up & Safety Inspection in Woodbury MN

Oct 21, 2015 | Garage Door Repair Services, Minnesota Garage Door Service Company

Woodbury Garage Door InspectionsWith the cold weather just around the corner this is a great time to have a Tune-up and Safety Inspection done to your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener. In Woodbury, MN we can perform same day Tune-up and Safety Inspections and often times have a repair technician at your residence within an hour of initial contact. We also cover the entire St. Paul and Minneapolis area so no matter where you are located in the Twin Cities call the experts at Rise & Shine Garage Doors to have your Garage Door tuned up.

Temperature Fluctuations in Minnesota

There are many moving parts on a Garage Door and when these things break it is a huge inconvenience to our daily lives. Especially living in Minnesota and the cold weather moving in now that it is fall we all know just had bad our winters can be. The changing temperatures can vastly affect your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener; when there are swings from 42 degrees down to sub-zero temperatures it can affect the steel moving parts the most. If these parts are old, worn, or rusted they can easily break when these temperature fluctuations happen. That is why we always recommend having a Tune-up and Safety Inspection completed when the weather is still warm so that we can identify and repair any problems and give you peace of mind for the winter.

21 Point Garage Door Tune-up and Safety Inspection

We want you to have peace of mind for the winter so we will always go over the entire Garage Door and Garage Door Opener; even if you have multiple Garage Doors we can inspect every one of them. Here are just some of the services performed in our 21 Point Tune-up and Safety Inspection:

  • Adding Tension to Torsion Springs
  • Inspecting all Horizontal Tracks
  • Inspecting all Vertical Tracks
  • Inspecting Panels for Damage
  • Checking the Safety Sensors
  • Checking the Auto-Reverse Safety Function
  • Inspect the Gear and Sprocket Assembly
  • Check the Garage Door Opener
  • Adjust Limits and Forces
  • ETC

Needless to say there are many things that we will inspect for you. We will also offer solutions to many of these problems and our technicians are always fully trained and prepared to solve any of these problems. We understand that we need to work around your schedule and can usually offer same-day appointments. Don’t wait until the cold weather hits your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener hard, have a Tune-up and Safety Inspection completed today.