Rusty Roller

When your Garage Door breaks down it can be a real hassle and put a real funk in your regular day. That is why Rise & Shine Garage Doors also offers a Tune Up and Inspection option to have your door looked over before something major breaks. In Roseville, MN we performed an inspection for one of our customers that had concerns about the noise that their Garage Door was making and we were able to determine there were some old and rusted rollers along with a torsion spring that was about to snap. To avoid having their spring break and stop their door from working we were able to provide a replacement along with upgrading their rollers to precision bearing rollers. This customer now has peace of mind that they won’t have any unexpected issues with their Garage Door.

Why Should You Have Your Garage Door Tuned Up?

There are many different repair services that we offer at Rise & Shine Garage Doors and we also have many different installation options when it comes to new doors or new openers. However if you want to avoid some of these issues you could have your door tuned up and inspected, here are some reasons why you should have your Garage Door tuned up:

  • Avoid Broken Springs
  • Avoid Broken Cables causing more damage
  • Quiet Down the Door with Lubrication
  • Check all safety settings to make sure they are working properly
  • Have your Garage Door certified if you are trying to sell your home
  • Identify areas of rust or potential concerns

Whether it is a repair, replacement, installation, or needing a full Tune Up and Inspection our trained experts will provide solutions to keep your Garage Door and Opener running smoothly.

Guaranteed Same Day Service

At Rise & Shine Garage Doors we know that your time is important which is why we always guarantee same day service even with our Tune Up and Inspection option. We want to make sure that your Garage Door is up and running right away so you can get your day back on track or keep your door running smoothly for years to come. Often times we can even provide same day replacement of your whole Garage Door or Opener. Check out our reviews page to see what our customers have said about past services we have done and contact us today!