Garage Door Spring RepairThe garage door may not be a miracle of engineering like the airplane, but it is quite remarkable in its own way. The frame that supports your garage door as it moves along its tracks when you open and close it is fairly simple and minimalistic. What that means is that a minimal amount of material is used to attach to the ceiling and/or walls of your garage so that the weight of the garage door itself, but so that the mechanisms do not dominate the space. When something goes wrong with your garage door springs, Rise & Shine Garage Doors is equipped to respond quickly and fix the problem correctly.

Importance of a Garage Door Spring

Many problems with garage doors are related to the spring that is installed on the inside front end of the opening to your garage. If you have ever unhooked your garage door from the mechanism that opens and closes it at the push of a button and lifted it open by hand, you might have been surprised by how light it felt. While that feeling of lightness is not exactly an illusion—it is physics at work—it does allow you to lift and close the garage door by hand with little effort. That is as a result of your garage door spring. That simple coil of thick metal wire holds most of the weight of your garage door, and it works in conjunction with the motor that makes it move. Without the spring, the motor would have to be much larger, making most garage doors impractical for most homeowners. Fortunately, though, the right balance was struck by garage door manufacturers, so we are able to enjoy the comforts and safety provided by the modern garage door.

Garage Door Spring Repair in MN

The constant tension under the area where the spring is placed means that it will eventually wear out. When it does, our company will be happy to fix it for you. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as experts in the garage door industry, so you can feel assured that we will install your new spring correctly. Even before correct installation, it is of primary importance to select the right spring for your garage door. Springs come in different sizes, and if your garage door has a spring that is too small, the longevity and immediate performance of your garage door will be diminished. Call us at 612-886-9606 to schedule an appointment.