Garage Door Spring Repair In ProgressWhen your garage door is not working properly, it can throw your entire day off. Even if you don’t park your actual vehicle in the garage, most garages are still a large point of entry and exit for the majority of homes. So, when you go to press that magical button and it does not work, let our expert professionals here at the Garage Door Spring Repair Company in Minnesota come take a look.

Offering Efficient Garage Door Opener Inspections

Garage doors work as a big unit to get the job done. Contrary to popular belief, garage doors are quite complicated. However, people don’t realize this until a part of their unit is no longer working. When garage doors are installed, they are highly pressurized and mathematically calculated so that your garage door can safely open and close. Therefore, it’s extremely important to know what is going wrong when your garage begins to malfunction. At Rise & Shine Garage Doors, we do quick and efficient garage door inspections. Our professionals know the ins and outs of each and every garage mechanism and can diagnose an issue on the spot. If the issue is a garage spring, we will quickly identify the problem and work to repair the issue. Some signs that you can see on your own, before we arrive, often include the garage door stopping when it tries to open and then going back down, loud noises like hearing a spring actually snap, or looking up at the physical spring to see if it is broken off from the rest. If any of these things are true, it’s best to not touch the coiled spring that could be released at any moment, and just call our professionals.

Professionals Experienced in Repairing your Garage Springs

Once we identify that the issue is in fact a spring problem, we can generally fix it on the spot. Springs have a lot of built-up pressure behind them. When replacing a spring, we have to be extremely careful. With the ability to easily lift over 150 pounds of wait, having a spring release onto your face, arms or anything else can be extremely dangerous. As we lift and replace the springs, we will do a thorough check of the items surrounding it. Before you know it, your garage will safely be restored to its well-functioning, reliable and safe glory.

For more information about our garage door spring repair company in Minnesota, or if you think you have a garage that needs its springs replaced, give us a call today. Contact Rise & Shine Garage Doors today at 612-886-9606.