Minneapolis Garage Replacement CompanyGarage Door Replacement may add abundant curb appeal and value to your Minneapolis, MN home. A new garage door typically has 88% return on your investment, not to mention the payoff on instant curb appeal. There are several different types of doors to choose from. The selection process is made easier with the help of the Experienced Garage Door Replacement Team at Rise & Shine Garage Doors. We are a full service Garage Door Removal and Replacement company. Proper installation is a must for safety, security and smooth garage door opener operation.

Common Types of Garage Doors

Garage Doors are one of the most visible elements on your home. They can stand out in a good way or a bad way. Choosing the best type of Replacement Garage Door for your property can be fun. There are several different options for Sizes, Styles, Colors, Materials, Energy Efficiency, Panels, Trim, Windows, Hardware and more. You can coordinate the garage door style with your home’s existing architecture for a decidedly modern, traditional or classic look.

The most common types of garage doors include:

  • Sectional Roll Up garage door
  • Swing Out, carriage house type doors
  • Swing Up garage door
  • Sliding garage door

Options for Garage Door Materials

The options for garage door materials are diverse. They can range from the standard to exotic.

  • Steel Garage Doors are a good choice for ease of maintenance. They are tough and not too expensive. When choosing steel look for lower gauge metals which are thicker and more sturdy.
  • Wood Garage Doors can be very charming and are available in different types of wood and finishes. Prices vary depending on the type of wood and whether the door is constructed out of solid wood or wrapped in plywood and filled with foam insulation. Exotic hardwood garage doors are the most expensive type of wooden doors.
  • Aluminum Garage Doors are lightweight making them a good choice for an extra wide double door. Aluminum doors may have aluminum frames with panels made of another material or they can be heavy duty with laminated panels.

Experienced Garage Door Replacement Team

If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area contact Rise & Shine Garage Doors for all of your garage door replacement needs. We have an Experienced Garage Door Replacement Team that is just as skilled at garage door removal as with replacing any type of garage door. We install new garage doors Same Day if needed. Your new quality garage doors will be installed quickly and correctly to ensure garage door opener operation will be safe and smooth.

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