Garage Door Repair in St. Paul, MNAs the temperature drops in St. Paul, MN, we find ourselves relying more and more on our garages during this time of year. Whether your garage is used for storage or you use it to keep your vehicle nice and warm in the winter, you need a working garage door. If your garage door is broken or in need of repair, our expert garage repair technicians can help. Let our team at Rise & Shine Garage Doors get your garage fixed before the dead of winter settles in.

At Rise & Shine Garage Doors, we want to build a relationship with every customer we meet. We will never insist on an unnecessary repair or overcharge on our services. Our team of professionals will work to identify the problem and resolve the issue that you may be having. There are many simple issues that can be easily fixed. Sometimes even a simple battery check will do the trick. Checking the battery, ensuring that you have power in the garage, checking the lock button and reviewing your sensors and wires can even be tasks that are done before we ever arrive, saving you both time and money. Should none of those items work, we can start looking into your problems more in depth.

Common Garage Door Repairs

Should further assessment be needed, our job will be to find the problem area. We check your springs that balance the weight of the door. We look at your cables or wire ropes to make sure nothing is dangerously broken or loose. We examine the rollers and how well they glide up and down. Friction will play a large role in your roller system. Finally, we will go through the entire garage door opening system, checking both its patency and efficiency. In most cases, we offer same day repairs. Fixing cables, springs, rollers, tracks, alignment issues, sensors, chains, etc. are all things that we can easily fix in a timely manner.

Every component to the garage plays a large role in ensuring that the entire system functions properly. When something is off or need of repair, it can throw the entire garage system in disarray. Garages are important and extremely necessary, especially during this time of year. If you are looking to repair your garage door, don’t hesitate any longer. Call your locally owned Rise & Shine Garage Doors today. Serving St. Paul, MN and the surrounding areas, call us today and let us get your garage back in order. Open 24/7 for garage door repair services, call us at 612-886-9606.