Garage Door Repair in MNGarages are simply amazing. However, you utilize your garage, whether it’s for storage or to actually park your vehicle, garages are almost always one of the most utilized parts of our home. In fact, most people rarely utilize their own front door. Instead, the garage becomes the most used door in the entire house. So, when it’s broken, we understand the importance of wanting it repaired quickly. At Rise & Shine Garage Doors, we offer 24/7 repair services in MN to get your garage door up and running once again.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

When your garage door mysteriously stops working, there are simple things you can try to do to get it running once again. Checking the battery to your keypad and remote operator is a great place to start! These batteries will die so checking your power unit is always a great way to rule that out. Additionally, check the power unit! Did a breaker trip? Did you lose power in your garage completely? Checking for power loss in general is always our first rule of thumb. Additionally, some garage door openers have door locks. If it was randomly locked, try holding the button down on the remote and see if it fixes your issue. Other simple problems may include a sensor issue, which generally means something is not aligned or it is blocking the sensors from seeing. Also, wiring! Checking that the wires are not chewed up or damaged is always a great thing to know.

Garage Door Repair

Should all of those at home troubleshooting tricks not work, let our professionals fix your problem. We will come take a look at your garage and quickly diagnose the issue. We evaluate and commonly repair the springs, cables, wire rope, rollers and in some cases, we replace the garage door system. All of these things we do quickly and efficiently so that you can go back to enjoying your garage and the many purposes that it provides. Once the repair is completely, we confirm that every aspect of your garage door is once again working well. We provide a comprehensive safety check for the job completed.

If your garage door is in disarray, don’t wait to have it repaired. Let our professionals at Rise & Shine Garage Doors get your garage back to working order today. For more information about our services in MN, give our dedicated staff a call. Contact Garage Door Repair Company today at (612) 886-9606.