Garage Door Opener Installation St. Paul MN

May 15, 2015 | 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Service, Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Installation St Paul MNWhether you’re looking for a garage door opener initial installation or any other services related to the “health” of your garage door in St. Paul MN, Rise & Shine Garage Doors has you covered. With years of experience in both garage door opener replacement and repair, we’re ready and willing to handle any issues that you may encounter related to your garage door.

Garage Door Opener Initial Installation

Have you finally grown tired of having to manually raise and lower your garage door? If so, you’ll be amazed at how convenient a garage door opener can be for your home or business. Sure, you may have gotten used to manually opening your garage door but if you can have it open automatically with the simple touch of a button, why continue to strain your back each day?

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Like in most industries, the technology in the garage door installation and repair industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. Today, most manufacturers such as LiftMaster offer mobile apps for your iPhone or Android smartphones that allow you to easily control your garage door from your phone. This can offer greater peace of mind as you sit at your desk wondering if you remembered to close your garage door. As criminals have been known to use garage doors to gain unauthorized access to homes and businesses you can have these smartphone apps alert you whenever your garage door opens. At Rise & Shine Garage Doors we are constantly attending conferences in our field to ensure that we can always provide the highest level of cutting edge products and top-notch service to our growing list of St. Paul MN customers.

Aside from smartphone apps to control your garage door opener, manufacturers also now offer battery backup to ensure that your garage door will still work even if the power were to go out due to nasty weather in your area.

If your garage door opener is either outdated or broken, now is the time to call Rise & Shine Garage Doors to see all of the many options that are now available.

Bring Your Garage Door Opener into the 21st Century

Whether you are looking for a garage door opener initial installation or replacement, Rise & Shine Garage Doors would be happy to come out to your St. Paul MN home or office and give you a free estimate. Give us a call today at (612) 886-9606 and we’ll setup an appointment to show you the wide range of garage door opener technology we have at our disposal thanks to our strong relationships with the top manufacturers in our field.