Garage Door Opener Installation Minneapolis, MinnesotaIt’s amazing how we as a society can take so many things for granted. Something as simple as being able to push a button and have your garage door go up or down without breaking a sweat. This was not the case for a recent customer we had in Minneapolis, MN. This particular customer had been lifting her door by hand for years, and was finally sick of lifting the heavy door herself. We were able to not only install a New Garage Door Opener, but also able to fix the Garage Door Rollers to ensure safe and proper operating. When we were done the smile on the customers face was priceless, she was so relieved we were able to complete the installation for her same day! Now for this Minneapolis consumer there will be no more early -20 degree mornings of waking up and lifting the garage door by hand.

Problems with Hand Lifting Garage Door’s

It may be hard to believe but there are still many people who lift the Garage Door Manually. There are some major concerns for people who still take this route to open and close the garage door:

  • Injury to one’s self
  • Damage to garage door sections
  • Cable detachment from drum
  • Crooked garage door
  • Rollers popping off track

Many people just assume that the garage door is supposed to be heavy, this however is not the case. The Garage Door when lifted by hand should weigh no more than 10lbs when the door is in the closed position and should not want to fall down when it is left open. If your garage door does not meet these requirements it is due to a Lack of Spring Tension or in some cases the wrong spring may have been installed on the garage door. Forcefully lifting the garage door can cause many issues to not only yourself but the garage door as well. Which is why having a Garage Door Opener Installed is very important to ensure even lifting and closing pressure throughout the cycle.

What Garage Door Opener is Right for You?

Sometimes it may be hard to know what Garage Door Opener is right for you.  At Rise & Shine Garage Doors we offer only the highest quality Garage Door Openers to our Minneapolis/Twin City Customers. LiftMaster offers a wide variety of garage door openers, from chain drive, belt drive, even side mounted jackshaft openers. Most of the time the big debate is what HP to go with, which is why at Rise & Shine Garage Doors. we offer free onsite estimates. We will come out assess your particular garage door needs and give you our professional recommendation. Our trucks are fully stocked and in most cases the installation process can be completed same day! Minneapolis customers can schedule an appointment by calling 612-886-9606 or by simply filing out our online appointment form.