Garage Door Maintenance In Twin Cities Area

Oct 23, 2020 | Rusty Garage Door Cables, Torsion Spring Repair, Twin City Garage Door Company

Garage Door Maintenance In Twin Cities Area Rise & Shine Garage Doors can complete any type of garage door repair, but we can also partner with you to ensure that your garage door lasts for as long as possible and remains issue-free. There are many things that a homeowner can do to prevent their garage door from developing problems, and below are some ideas that may help you troubleshoot or know when to reach out to a professional. Regular garage door maintenance can help extend the life of your garage door and save you money in the long run.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips:

Take a close look at your garage door and its various components. Familiarize yourself with the way it works and take note of anything that looks unusual.
The components of your garage door should remain rust-free. If you notice rust on hinges or other metal components, it may be time for you to call us in for a more thorough inspection. Rust is a natural by-product of oxidation, and it is best to treat it before it becomes a more complicated issue.
Listen to your garage door. Try to get a sense of how it sounds when it is properly lubricated. Over time, you may begin to hear the sounds that indicate that the moving parts are not moving as smoothly as they should. It could be a matter of lubrication, loose nuts and bolts, or misaligned components.
Tracks are free of debris. Make sure the tracks on which your garage door moves up and down are clear and free of debris or other material that could inhibit smooth movement.
If you notice that a track is out of alignment, we recommend that you contact us. Realigning a track can be simple to fix, but it can also require the fine touch that our technicians possess from years of experience.
Look for gaps in weather seals. When gaps occur, that means that more weather is getting into your garage. In turn, that means that the lifespan of your garage door’s components could be shortened. Additionally, it could have an impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Extend Garage Door Life With Regular Maintenance

Many of the above recommendations can be accomplished with simple observation. Some homeowners will be more comfortable with certain aspects of the checklist than they will be with others, but please remember that we are here to answer whatever questions arise regarding your garage door.

Most garage doors are capable of lasting far longer than the estimate of their longevity when they are installed, but getting the most out of your garage door requires being attentive to it. If you notice something out of the ordinary, we are ready to help you anytime. Call us at 612-886-9606 to schedule an appointment.