Garage Door Maintenance Company in Minneapolis

May 5, 2020 | Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Maintenance Company in MinneapolisFor many, a garage door is a part of a home that never requires attention. The simplicity of a garage door system probably contributes to that kind of perception. However, for a garage door to perform its simple function of going up and going down when you want it to actually requires a number of individual components to be in good balance with each other. It is usually only when something goes wrong with a garage door that the homeowner realizes how complex a garage door system can be. And when something goes wrong with your garage door, Rise & Shine Garage Doors of Minneapolis has the knowledge and expertise to complete the repairs for you. We are a trusted Garage Door Maintenance Company in Minneapolis, MN.

Garage Door Repair in Minneapolis, MN

If your garage door is not opening or closing when you want it to, the problem could be something as simple as needing to replace the battery in your remote-control unit or the wall unit inside the garage. If you determine, however, that your batteries are in good working order and there is something else that is not working properly, our staff of professional garage door technicians can help you.

Typically, problems with garage doors fall into two categories: electrical or mechanical. In each category, there are many possible causes, and not all of them will be obvious to a homeowner. In such cases, The Rise & Shine Garage Doors would be a great resource to identify and fix the problem. Many homeowners are quite good at narrowing down the possible causes of a garage door problem but reach the limit of their ability to fix the problem when they discover that it is electrical in nature. There may be an issue with wiring—it might have become dislodged from the power source or even gnawed away by a rodent. If the issue is electrical, we recommend that you allow us to complete the repairs so that you can be assured that there is no possibility of an incorrect connection or a short.

Minneapolis Garage Door Maintenance Company

More often than not, the issues we find with garage doors occur because of mechanical failure of components. The door that goes up and down on command relies on a complex system of springs, wires, and rollers, which will wear out over time. Making these kinds of repairs requires the kind of practical experience our technicians possess, so that your garage door maintains balance and performs to your expectations. Call Rise & Shine Garage Doors anytime 24/7 at 612-886-9606 to speak with a member of our staff or make an appointment.