Garage Door Component RepairLike any machine that has any degree of complexity, your garage door will eventually develop a problem that requires the attention of a professional. Unfortunately, not every problem with a garage door is as simple to fix as removing a fallen shovel or bag of tree mulch from blocking a safety sensor. Over time, the moving parts of your garage door system can wear and break down, and that is where we can help. When your garage door stops functioning the way you need it to, Rise & Shine Garage Doors can fix it quickly and affordably.

Your garage door functions in large part because of tension that is created and released. Two specific components—the spring and the cable—are designed to withstand the tension, but time and use can diminish the effectiveness of each. If you have experience replacing one or both of those components, you probably realize that you do not have the tools to complete the job. This is where our crew can help. We have both the experience and the tools necessary to get your garage door back in working order fast.

Garage Door Repair Professionals

If you have ever looked closely at your garage door while it is opening and closing, you have probably noticed the rotation of the spring. The spring bears most of the weight of the garage door, and makes it possible for the motor to lift and drop the garage door at a safe pace. When the spring begins to fail, however, the door will sound as though it is straining when lifted and may appear to drop faster than is safe when it is closed.

The spring works in conjunction with the cable, which coils and uncoils with the movements of the garage door and helps it move along its designated track. The cable is an essential component to the functioning of your garage, but like the spring, a cable will weaken over time. It is rare, but it is also not impossible, for a cable to snap, in which case your garage door will cease to function until it is repaired.

Fast And Affordable Garage Door Repair

We can repair any type of garage door components and replace all that have reached the end of their life. Call us at 612-886-9606 for more information or to speak with a member of our team. We will respond quickly so that you can get your garage door back to normal function ASAP!