Does Cold Weather Cause Garage Door Problems

Feb 18, 2022 | Garage Door Maintenance

Does Cold Weather Cause Garage Door ProblemsThere is nothing mild about the winters in Minnesota. It is brutally cold for extended periods of time and there is also plenty of winter precipitation to go along with the cold air. Rise & Shine Garage Doors works all year round, including the winter months, because cold weather can cause issues with a garage door system.

Low temperatures in the winter months can cause metal to contract. When the metal in your garage door contracts it tightens and becomes more difficult to open and close reliably. This can also cause problems with your garage door springs and your tracks. Your springs can become brittle in the cold months and are more likely to break. Lubrication can help keep your entire garage door system working well in the wintertime, but if that is not enough, you may need to call a garage door repair specialist.

In addition to the impact of cold temperatures, the moisture from the winter months can also cause problems. Your garage door can have lubrication issues with excess moisture and also the door absorbs the moisture and swell. One other problem caused by our extreme weather is that ice can form and actually freeze your garage door shut. These issues are common and fairly routine but are best to be repaired as soon as possible to minimize the possibility of other problems.

Common Garage Door Problems In Cold Temperatures

Rise & Shine Garage Doors specializes in all types of garage door repairs and can help you during the cold winter months. We have seen the damage that cold weather can do to a garage door system, so if your door is not operating correctly, now is a great time to give us a call so that we can take a look. We are available 24/7, always offer free estimates and respond quickly to requests for service.

You will find our prices affordable and our customer service unmatched. We have worked hard over the last 2 decades to build a strong reputation for quality and service and have become Minnesota’s one stop shop for all of your garage door repair needs. We can repair springs, tracks, rollers, sensors, wires, and even your opening system. We work on residential and commercial garage doors and can even install a new door if needed. No matter what the issue is, we can help. Call us at 612-886-9606 anytime.