Dependable Garage Door Repair Company

Aug 4, 2022 | Garage Door Repair Services, Garage Door Replacement, Minneapolis Garage Door Company

Dependable Garage Door Repair CompanyYou might have known us by our previous company name–The Garage Door Repair Company–but we have recently changed our name to Rise and Shine Garage Doors. Our new name describes our optimistic attitude, but it also retains the high quality of service that we have always been known for.

Rise & Shine Garage Doors is a company that puts the customer first. It is easy for most people who own homes to never spend time thinking about garage door repair. That is because garage doors tend to be a very reliable part of owning a home. If a garage door is maintained properly, most homeowners find that their garage doors are robust, reliable, and very durable. But modern garage doors are also composed of multiple parts, many of which are moving parts. Over time, things can go wrong, and most homeowners do not have the experience or confidence to attempt the repairs on their own.

Professional Garage Door Repair

We recommend contacting a reliable and trustworthy garage door repair service, like Rise and Shine Garage Doors, when something goes wrong with your garage door because, despite the simplicity of garage doors’ functioning, they are fairly complex pieces of machinery. You press one button, and the garage door goes up. Press another button and the garage door goes down. It does not get much simpler than that.

But to make a garage door go up and down reliably, the door must be installed properly. Elements like the mainspring must be installed with great care so as to ensure proper balance. If it is not balanced, undue wear and tear could occur, and the result is often a need to replace the spring sooner than expected. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who know how to install all elements of the garage door, and one of the most important aspects of installation is ensuring proper balance among the mechanisms.

Local Garage Door Repair Company

The repairs we provide are often on doors that have been installed at the time that the home was built. If you are lucky, the repairs you discover that you need will be the result of parts wearing out over a long period of time. You know your garage door was installed properly when expected wear and tear is the issue. If you are not so lucky, you may need repairs because of an accident. Hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake and bumping the door can cause obvious problems. This is one of the many reasons that a garage door may need repairs. If you need some repair work done on your garage door call Rise & Shine Garage Doors at 612-886-9606.