Sometimes you don’t acustom springslways see it happen but sometimes you might be trying to open the door when a loud banging sound happens in your Garage and you go to take a look and see that your torsion spring has broken, this is time for a replacement. However, there are many different sizes and types of Torsion Springs for all the different Garage Doors that are out there and while typically we can at least get your Garage Door working same day to provide a permanent fix we may have to have a custom made spring made. This was the case over in Stillwater, MN where a customer knew they had a broken torsion spring and once we arrived to their home we found that this was a much larger spring than you would normally see. They had a really heavy duty wood-overlay Garage Door that was customer built for their home so therefore they had custom springs installed.

Different Fixes for Different Torsion Springs

There are a few different ways that we can repair and replace the different sizes and types of Torsion Springs that are available. Even if we do have to have your spring custom made we can at least provide a temporary fix with special clamps that will hold together the original springs. This temporary repair at least allows you to be using your Garage Door while your custom Torsion Springs are being made. Here are some factors that go in to determining the right spring for your Garage Door:

  • Weight of the Garage Door
  • Gauge of the Steel for your spring
  • Length of the coil
  • Diameter of the cone
  • Need for more than just two springs

No matter what we need to do to get your Garage Door working again our experts will help to make sure it is the right fix the first time.

Quality Repairs from Rise & Shine Garage Doors

At Rise & Shine Garage Doors we always provide quality repairs with only the best materials. We don’t want to be using sub-par products that won’t last longer than a couple years. That’s why we always warranty the work we do with a parts and labor warranty and also extended options. We have five year, ten year, and also lifetime warranty options by using a different gauge steel and a longer cycle spring for each tier. Make Rise & Shine Garage Doors your first and last stop for all your Garage Door Repair and Installation needs to see the difference in quality and customer service.