Blog PicThere are many different types of Garage Doors in the Twin Cities area and not everyone can choose what they end up with when they purchase a new home. Some Garage Doors may be very simple in their design or some may be very old and starting to break down. Sometimes we can make repairs to the older doors and make sure they continue to function properly but sometimes it may be time to replace the door or maybe you just want to upgrade the style to leave your own imprint on your home. In Cottage Grove, MN we had a customer that had just bought a new home and needed some repairs done to their Garage Door. After going over the options to make the repairs they decided to completely replace the door, but they didn’t want to just have a cookie cutter run of the mill type of door. This is where our customers can have a Custom Designed Garage Door Installation in their home.

Different Styles and Types of Garage Doors

There are many different types and styles of Garage Doors that our customers can choose from to make their home complete. They could go with something very simple like a steel non-insulated door with a simple raised panel style. Or if they wanted to go a little more exotic they could choose something with a wood overlay design along with some sort of window design to really leave an impression. Here are some different options to consider when designing your Garage Door:
• Insulation or No Insulation
• R-value of Insulation
• Panel Style (Ranch, Cottage, Wood Overlay, Flush)
• Color Options
• Wood Grain Finish
• Window Options
• Decorative Hardware (Hinges or Handles)
No matter what design you may be looking for Rise & Shine Garage Doors will be able to help you put together the style that you are looking for to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Customers Always Come First

Trust Rise & Shine Garage Doors to provide everything you are looking for in your custom designed Garage Door. We are always looking to create customers for life and make sure that our customers come first which is why we always warranty all our Garage Door Installations including parts and labor. For the customer in Cottage Grove, MN we were able to provide an insulated Garage Door with a ranch style panel design and a sherwood window style which is shown in the photo above. For all your design needs call Rise & Shine Garage Doors first and find out what our commitment to service is all about.