cracked garage doorIf you notice that your garage door is not running smoothly, perhaps it’s buckling and you see that the sections are starting to crack. This is most often the sign of a lack of support beams on the garage door. This happened to be the case for one of our St. Paul customers, his door had been buckling for a while but had now gotten to the point where it would no longer operate. After going over all the options with the customer it was decided that Garage Door Replacement was the best course of action. We promptly set up an appointment for the next morning and completed the work within 24hours of the initial phone call. Our St. Paul customer was very happy with the final product and the speed/quality of service.New Door

 What causes Garage doors to Crack/Buckle?

In most cases the garage door will buckle when the sections reach the horizontal part of the track. Over time the sections begin to sag in the middle due to a lack of support. This can often be prevented by adding Reinforcement struts to every section of the garage door. This gives each section the proper support it needs to not bow or sag in the middle, thus allowing for a smooth operating door. How to know if your door needs Reinforcement struts:

  • Garage Door Buckles when Closing
  • Garage Door Sections are Cracking
  • Missing Struts on Garage Door Sections
  • Binding During Garage Door Operation

New Door ExteriorIf you are having any of these issues it is best to get it looked at sooner than later. Often times these problems are repairable if taken care of in a timely manner. When the garage door is continually running in poor conditions this can only cause further damage to the door or motor, which will only add to the cost of repairs. If you are in need of any Garage Door Service simply call 612-886-9606 or visit our contact us page here. We always offer Free Onsite Estimates to our St. Paul customers. Don’t wait until it breaks, if you think something doesn’t seem quite right it most likely isn’t!