Commercial Garage Door Repairs Inver Grove Heights

Sep 24, 2015 | Commercial Garage Door Repairs MN, Minnesota Garage Door Service Company

Commercial Garage Door ServicesThere is nothing worse than when a Commercial Garage Door breaks down, businesses rely on their doors opening and closing smoothly day in and day out and suddenly it stops. Most businesses need their Garage Doors functioning properly so that they can ship and receive different products that the company relies on to make their profit margins. Even some companies have doors mounted on the back of moving trucks that are similar in style to a standard Garage Door or Roll-up Door and Rise & Shine Garage Doors can also fix these types of doors.

Different Commercial Repairs

Recently we were out in Inver Grove Heights to repair a Commercial Garage Door; some of the components are different with these doors and may require some specific materials. We also repaired the back door on a moving truck in the same area where we had to special order hinges and rollers that would fit this type of door. Here are some of the different repairs and specifically different components involved with a Commercial Garage Door:

  • Pressurized Auto Reverse Hose Installed Inside Bottom Seal
  • Larger Drums
  • Longer Cables with a thicker gauge steel
  • Larger Torsion Springs to lift heavier doors
  • Specific Hinges for Different Doors
  • Specific Rollers
  • Commercial Grade Openers such as a Jack Shaft or SideWinder

Repaired Commercial Door MNThese are just a few of the different things that will go into repairing a Commercial Garage Door. We also service different types of roll-up doors such as the ones provided by Public Storage which has many different locations across Minnesota. Whatever type of Garage Door your business may have the experts at Rise & Shine Garage Doors can find a solution.

Trust the Garage Repair Professionals

Sometimes different companies will have a maintenance person on hand that will make repairs on different systems within the business. This certainly helps to maintain some of the systems to keep the business functioning properly but often times they will not have the proper tools to repair a Commercial Garage Door. These repairs can be dangerous and often will involve specific tools or parts that only a Professional Garage Door Company will carry. Things like a scissor lift, commercial winding bars, and other specific tools may be needed. Whether you are located in Inver Grove Heights or anywhere in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area Rise & Shine Garage Doors will have all the parts and tools to make any repair needed.