Choosing The Right Commercial Garage Door

Feb 25, 2022 | Commercial Garage Door Repairs MN

Choosing The Right Commercial Garage DoorChoosing and purchasing the correct commercial-grade garage door for your business is a big step toward protecting your investment. When you take the time to select a high-quality garage door, you are investing in your business’s external appearance, as well as its security and productivity. Understanding the different types of commercial garage doors — both what they’re made of and how they work — will help you to choose the one that will be best for your business.

Available Types Of Commercial Garage Doors

To select the door that’s the best for your business, you first need to think about how the door will be used. You won’t be able to narrow down your options until you ask yourself these four questions:

How will the door function? – Consider whether it will be operating several times a day, and whether equipment or shipments need to be unloaded.
What requirements will the door have to conform to? – Many commercial garage doors are dictated by local commercial building codes, and requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
What spending limit is available? – Consider costs of designs and various materials, installation costs, as well as extras that might not be included with the door, such as an automatic opener.

Next, consider the features of the door that you’d like

Once you have a clear picture in your head of how your door will function and what your building codes require, then you can begin to explore your options.

Overhead/sectional doors – designed to be raised to the ceiling on tracks using rollers where the door either remains in a vertical position or parallel to the ceiling.
Roll-up sheet doors – takes up less space and leaves the ceiling of the building open and free from obstruction.
Fire-rated doors – designed to keep a fire from spreading through a facility by breaking a building into compartments that prevent the spread of flames and smoke.
High Speed doors – minimized door-open time, helping to cut energy costs.
Aluminum and glass doors – a great option for restaurants, service stations, fire stations or car dealerships for their modern vibe and ability to showcase the view.
Insulated doors – designed to keep heat inside in the winter and cool air in place in the summer.
Service doors – typically made from steel or aluminum and work by coiling up. Often seen around loading docks, warehouses, or storage facilities.

Lastly Consider The Finer Details

Once you understand which doors are out there, you can narrow down your list. Evaluate door choices for appearance, durability, operation, initial cost, cost of maintenance, and energy efficiency.

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