Causes And Solutions For Noisy Garage Doors

Aug 4, 2022 | Garage Door Maintenance

Causes And Solutions For Noisy Garage DoorsIf you’re like most people, you probably don’t think too much about your garage door throughout the day. Even though you use it to come and go from your home, it doesn’t take up much headspace. That is until it becomes noisy. The irritating sounds of a loud garage door that needs maintenance can frustrate your neighbors, create ear-covering sounds, and wake up people who are asleep. Furthermore, strange sounds and loud noises are common signs that your door has a problem — to continue operating it safely, you’ll want to assess all your parts.

After years of wear and tear from opening your door, you may need to tighten your nuts and bolts again. You’ll find nuts and bolts in brackets, hinges, tracks and more. Securing each of these parts or replacing them if they’ve gone missing will help keep your door running and reduce the strange noises you’re hearing.

Sqeeking Garage Door Rollers And Hinges

Your rollers keep your door connected to the tracks and aid in gliding it up and down. A quick squeaky garage door fix is to lubricate all your door’s moving parts. Squeaking and grinding are common signs that you need to replace your rollers. Metal rollers working on a metal track can cause loud noises, and these noises can amplify if either of these parts has rust or other signs of wear.

Load Garage Door Springs

Your garage likely has either torsion or extension springs. If your springs are not worn and still function properly, lubricating them may reduce the noises you’re hearing. However, if your spring is broken or appears to be very worn out, there’s not much you can do to fix it other than calling a professional. Springs in these conditions can create noises like rumbling, popping, or banging if the door hits the ground too suddenly.

Loud Garage Door Opener

Every opener has a drive operator – either a screw, chain or belt that works with the springs to lower and lift your door. Belt and screw drives tend to be quieter than chain drives but are newer to garage systems. If the chain or support rails are loose, you may hear rattling, and a dying motor could make straining noises that indicate it isn’t supplying enough power to function correctly.

Fixing Your Noisy Garage Door

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