cable replacementIt’s not often people take the time to look at their garage door, even if there are warning signs that if noticed can reduce the risk of serious issues. This was recently the case for one of our customers in St Louis Park, Mn. Rust had worked its way onto the Cables of the Garage Door causing them to fray and eventually snap. This in turn caused the door to go crooked and bend track. After the customer called to set up an appointment one of our technicians was able to have the door running like new within 1 hour of the arrival time. We were also able to upgrade the cables from a galvanized to stainless steel, ensuring that they will never rust through again. We also replaced all the Garage Door Rollers to make sure the door was operating smoothly.

Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

As a Garage Door Company it is often our job to inform homeowners about how to properly take care of their garage doors. Our technicians often go over the functions of the garage door and also give homeowners tips to keep it running properly. By having annual Garage Door Tune Up & Inspections many repairs can be avoided completely. Here is a list of preventative maintenance and thinks to look out for on your garage door:

  • Lubrication of all moving garage door parts
  • Checking for rust/corrosion
  • Check spring balance by running door by hand, ensure it’s not too heavy and does not fall down on its own
  • Check opener forces refer to manual for proper settings
  • Ensure safety sensors are between 4-6 inches off the floor

If you’re in need of any garage door maintenance it is best not to put it off until it turns into a major problem. Simply call the pro’s at Rise & Shine Garage Doors and we can be out Same Day to take care of any issues or concerns you may have. Visit our Contact us page and fill our online appointment form or call 612-886-9606. Evening and weekend appointments are available at your convenience.