New bottom seal EaganSometimes in life it’s the little things than can truly make a difference. The same can be said for Garage Doors. By overlooking the small issues, you can in turn create a much bigger problem. This was most recently the case for one of our Eagan customers. This particular customer had a severe rust problem on the edges of the door. This caused the cables to break, and the door went crooked. While inspecting the door it was apparent that the Garage Door Bottom Seal was worn out. It had completely ripped away from the edges of the garage door. Without having a proper barrier between the garage door and the floor, the door sat in the moisture build up in the garage causing rust. Rise & Shine Garage Doors was able to make all the repairs same day including the replacement of the bottom seal. We were able to do this by always carrying fully stocked service trucks to ensure the job is handled right the first time.

How to get rid of Rust on the Garage Door?

Rust is one of the most common causes for Garage Door Repairs and Replacement’s. Which is why it is important to deal with it in a timely manner. We recommend spraying the bottom of your door with rust preventative spray or lubricant. Also ensure the bottom seal on your garage door is not worn out or ripped. If you notice that one or both sides of the garage tend to pool water, remove the water so it does not sit on the door. By taking these steps you can help eliminate rust issues on your garage door or stop them all together. Here is  a list of garage door parts that are affected by rust:

  • Garage Door Cables
  • Garage Door Bottom Brackets
  • Vertical Track
  • Bottom Retainer for Seal
  • Door Panels

In the event that rust ends up on your door it is important you get the right company to handle the issue. Rise & Shine Garage Doors has all the proper tools, parts, and knowledge to handle any Garage Door Issue. We also provide all of our valued Eagan customers with Same Day Service. If you are interested in scheduling a Free Onsite Estimate simply call 612-886-9606 or fill out our online appointment form here.