Battery Backup Systems For Your Garage Door

Mar 25, 2022 | Minnesota Garage Door Service Company

Battery Backup Systems For Your Garage DoorDoes your garage door have an emergency battery backup system? If you don’t have this important safety feature, you should consider the benefits of including a battery backup with your garage door opener. A garage door opener battery backup can provide true peace of mind in case of an emergency and offers homeowners the security of always being prepared when severe weather hits. If extreme circumstances leave your house without power, the emergency battery backup will do the heavy lifting and will be able to open and close your garage door as if there was nothing wrong.

The purpose Of Garage Door Battery Backup Systems

Garage door openers provide easy access to your garage while helping protect your home and belongings. Backup batteries for your openers will give you peace of mind as an alternative to opening your heavy overhead door by hand. Many manufacturers, like LiftMaster® make their garage door openers with backup capabilities. If you don’t have one already, you can still get a battery for many door models after your initial purchase. Built with efficient power management systems, backup batteries will ensure your family’s safety and security during any natural event.

Benefits Of Having A Battery Backup

Long and useful battery life – Battery backup systems require very little maintenance and can function up to three years maintenance-free. The battery system charges from the cable connected to your garage door opener. Once installed, there are no parts to maintain.
Simple to use – You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to get your vehicle in and out of your garage in extreme circumstances. With a battery backup, there is no need to manually disengage the door. Just operate your door like you normally would.
Long lasting opening capability – Most battery backup systems allow up to 50 door openings and closings within 24 hours of a power outage. To conserve battery life the door will open and close at a slower rate than normal, and the work light on your opener will stay off.
Customized options – You can purchase add-on battery backup systems for compatible garage door openers. Professional installation is recommended but, in some cases, it can be installed by a homeowner.
Affordability – The additional cost to include a battery backup with the installation of a new garage door opener can range from $35 to $90 depending on the voltage of the garage door opener. The cost of adding a battery backup to an existing opener can range from $65 to $195 depending on the voltage and age of the opener.

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