5 Garage Door Repair Tips For HomeownersJust like any other major home appliance, your garage door needs routine care and maintenance in order to work properly. Garage door repairs can range for very minor to major–and the team at Rise & Shine Garage Doors specializes in helping homeowners when the repairs require professional assistance. If you are in doubt, we always recommend that you give us a call before trying a repair that you are not comfortable with. But there are times when you can troubleshoot before giving us a call. Here are some basic garage door repair tips to try yourself before you give us a call:

  1. Check for an obstruction: You might be surprised to know just how many times our team comes to a home to check a garage door that is not working only to find that there is something in front of one of the sensors. It can be a bike, a toy or anything, but your garage door will automatically stop operating if something is in the way of the sensor or if something is in the path of the garage door.
  2. Listen to your door when it opens and closes: Be aware of the sound that your garage door normally makes so that if it sounds different, you take notice.
  3. Tighten the hardware: One very common issue with garage doors is that the bolts and brackets come loose with all of the motion up and down. You can tighten these parts yourself and keep your garage door functioning well.
  4. Lubricate: Another easy thing that you can do to prevent problems with your garage door is to lubricate the springs and the chain. This takes less than 10 minutes and can make a huge difference!
  5. Check the exterior and interior of your garage door. Most garage doors are made of wood and may show wear and tear over time. If you find that a spot looks rotten or vulnerable, it’s possible that it can be repaired so that your entire door does not need to be replaced.

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Rise & Shine Garage Doors understands the need to stay on a budget. We will only recommend necessary repairs to help your garage continue to function well and safely. If you find that your garage door is not working properly and you think that you need a professional to evaluate it, give us a call at 612-886-9606 anytime 24/7.